Travel & Tourism

Travel and Tourism is a highly relevant subject in our modern society. With the vast range of transport systems available and the many tourist destinations worldwide, students will be able to research, analyse and develop their awareness of global and environmental issues facing the largest industry in the world.

It provide a broad basis for further education or training in related occupations. Students will develop a more critical and holistic understanding and the connections between different parts of the industry and employment opportunities. There is a strong focus on sustainability and how the industry manages tourism in a way that will function successfully economically, environmentally and socio-culturally in the future.

Students plan, manage and deliver successful tourist events allowing them to develop teamwork, decision making and organizational skills as well as focusing on analysing their own team’s performance during this process.

Several of our former students have gone forward to study tourism in higher education or have found employment in the industry.


Key Stage 3


Key Stage 4


Key Stage 5

Level 3 Certificate in Tourism

Level 3 Diploma in Tourism