At Park House, we work towards giving every student a thorough grounding in the fundamental concepts of Mathematics. We aim to lay the foundations to prepare every student for further education, employment and everyday life. We strive to provide student with a challenging, thought-provoking and interesting curriculum, delivered by passionate and specialist teachers in engaging lessons.

Our curriculum covers the four main areas of Mathematics: Geometry, Algebra, Number and Statistics. These topic areas are also incorporated in investigative work and through the use of ICT. Beginning in year 7, students are set by ability to ensure they maximise their lesson time effectively and make the best possible progress. With regular assessments, probing questions and consistent teacher feedback, these sets are flexible, constantly changing to ensure students are in the most suitable class.

Stretching and challenging all students is integral to our work. This is demonstrated by our five year GCSE Scheme of Work, which incorporates many important topics at an early age. Our most able students are also encouraged to sit an extra GCSE exam in Further Mathematics. Mathematics and Further Mathematics are very popular choices of A level subject.

Benefiting from fantastic specialist support staff, we are able to offer intervention support, a lunchtime homework club and revision classes, which run throughout the entire year.


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