Gifted & Talented

In June 2012 Ofsted commented that 'the school's commitment to recognising each students' success is evident in all aspects of school life', and this is nowhere more evident than in our planning for the needs, interests and ambitions of our many gifted and talented students. 
Our provision for gifted and talented students is developed in five overlapping areas: -
  1. Identification of Gifted and Talented students, with the aim of celebrating ability and achievement, but also to identify some individuals who may be underachieving.

  2. Enrichment in the classroom: lessons are the primary source of opportunity for extension, therefore resources, activities and learning strategies are developed to meet individual needs and interests within each subject area.

  3. Mentoring: each student is provided with a staff mentor to provide support and advice in relation to their learning.

  4. Extra-curricular enrichment: with outstanding opportunities offered both by the school and through our membership of NAGTY (National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth) which include residential extension courses at the country's leading universities, including Oxford and Bath.

  5. Entry to competitions which stretch and challenge individuals and groups, including TeenTech and Debating Matters with our teams reaching the national finals of both in 2014.
Mr David Hammond is Park House’s appointed Lead Teacher for the Gifted & Talented.

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