Careers Education & Guidance

All students receive a structured and carefully planned programme of Careers Education and Information, Advice and Guidance. This enables students to make informed decisions about their future, in particular: 

♦ GCSE Options

♦ Further Education

♦ Training, employment and apprenticeships

♦ Higher Education and post A Level options

Through a number of learning situations, evidence of work-related learning is cross curricular, thus helping students gain the confidence to manage their own transition into new roles and situations. This is achieved through developing skills in time management, organisation skills, punctuality and teamwork.

Student will also have the opportunity to participate in specialist workshops aim at developing: Interview techniques and making an excellent first impression; selling yourself; CV and cover letter writing; online careers resources seminars and financial awareness.

Selected students may take part in our ‘Vocational Learning Programme’ which gives them access to short and long-term placements aimed at developing a number of employment skills and to improve their engagement in learning.

The Government policy relating to the raising of the school leaving age to 18 should be seen as a positive move with the extra time provided to gain more knowledge of qualifications/training and time to consider and research available opportunities to maximise their chances of achieving their long-term careers aspirations.

Whilst a large majority of our students remain at here to attend our Sixth Form, there are other routes available.  Students are made fully aware off these routes as part of their Careers Education.  They receive information, guidance and the support necessary to help them make the right decision during their transition phase.

For a number of years Park House has maintained a very low NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). For the 2016-17 Year 11 cohort, data again indicates a possible zero NEET figure although final data is to be confirmed.


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