We are, indeed, Family

Our annual Open Evening and Morning last Thursday and Friday proved how much We Are, (indeed) Family...

Open Evening Flyer

A point in the year when, in preparing my presentation, I take a step back from all the frenetic activity associated with the start of term and take stock; reflect on all the opportunities that we offer and all that our young people achieve. And am inspired.

But above all it’s perhaps the collective energy and sense of community that most impresses as the events get underway. Everyone pulling together with a pride in our values and what we stand for. The whole of the Sixth Form acting as tour guides, students from all years volunteering to help their teachers in every subject department. The Parents Association providing refreshments.

On Open Evening itself I’m essentially consigned to the Hall, delivering three consecutive speeches to audiences that can approach 270. But I’m in the very best company. Each year I have the privilege of presenting alongside the most outstanding representatives of our student body from Years 7 and 11 who, together with the Head Boy and Girl, describe the different stages of their Park House journeys to date. In doing so, they articulate far better than I ever can their passion for learning and a collective pride and passion in their school community which is truly - and genuinely - humbling. Thank you all.

We are family.