We are family... more than ever


It’s a bit odd how things turn out, sometimes.


I wrote my last blog on 4 March, before the full extent of the Coronavirus crisis was truly evident. Who knew how quickly the situation would escalate.


So its perhaps even more resonant now. Human questions. All call for kindness; care. Generosity of spirit.




Physical distancing. Of course. Urgently; essentially. But let’s think virtual, social unity. Definitely. 


Because we are family!


And the more this goes on, the closer I genuinely believe we will become.

Margaret Mead 

Many years ago, the leading American anthropologist of the 1950s and 60s Margaret Mead was asked by a student what she considered to be the first sign of civilisation in a culture.


Clay pots, fish hooks, grinding stones?


No. Mead said that the first sign of civilisation in an ancient culture was evidence of a femur (thighbone) that had been broken and then healed.


Mead explained that in the animal kingdom, if you break your leg, you die. You cannot run from danger, get to the river for a drink or hunt for food. You are meat for prowling beasts. No animal survives a broken leg long enough for the bone to heal. But...


‘A broken femur that has healed is evidence that someone has taken time to stay with the one who fell, has bound up the wound, has carried the person to safety and has tended the person through recovery. Helping someone else through difficulty is where civilisation starts’.


We may all feel a bit broken now. Anxious. Afraid even.


But we will heal. Together. Stronger


Because we are indeed all family.