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I know I used this self indulgent way in before...




But I couldn't think of a better way to introduce this very interesting piece on the alleged 'culture' of British cycling...

 Dan Roan Preview


I've always been, as regular readers will more than readily testify, a passionate advocate of sporting values in a wider educational context; drivers of achievement, personal development, community spirit.

I emphasise sporting values, rather than sport per se as because of their inclusivity and adaptability, across the curriculum and in terms of everything you would want your school to stand for. Its culture; its DNA.

At Park House, those values, the Olympic and Paralympic Values run through the very heart of the school...

Park House Values

Articles like that from Dan Roan mean that you do though have to take a step back from time to time. Check that actually that there is a synergy between those sporting values and their expression - the extent to which they are truly lived on the pitch, by coaching staff and administrators. Cycling - and Football and Athletics in particular clearly have their current challenges in this respect...

So it also seems an opportune moment to reflect in an educational context. Post the annual publication of the 'league tables'; after the PISA tests, and the comparative information they claim to provide of international performance in learning....

PISA rankings article



High performance Is brilliant. To be encouraged and to be lauded. But it can come at a cost. Literally and emotionally.

So it's always vital in our constant quest for improvement and striving for excellence that we simultaneously ask broader questions about what we want schools to be like. High achieving, absolutely. But also welcoming, caring, nurturing, supportive, safe. In equal and balanced measure. Surprisingly enough, the approaches are mutually supportive.

Closely the circle, sport and the application of its values and approaches can both challenge and, crucially, support. That's why here the relationship between physical activity and emotional well-being is at the heart of our winning strategy... for all...

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