The Name of the Game

Forgive me for what may well prove to be a final Abba indulgence in this now long-running series of weekly Headteacher Blogs. Not actually one of my favourites, but a typically tenuous attempt at a link to this week’s theme!



Another, more recent, guilty pleasure - over half term - has been watching hours of London 2012 highlights on Eurosport!


And in doing so how amazing to see our brilliant team of student Games Makers on the start line of Women’s 400m Hurdles! Wonderful, wonderful memories of a truly special summer captured in these pages from the September 2012 edition of our ‘Personal Best’ magazine...




All that looking back made me want to look forward.


Reflecting on the remarkable 2012 Games Maker culture, where so many groups of people came together in teams to deliver a very special, indeed unique, collective experience leads me to think about the sort of atmosphere and environment we will want to build in our schools - and dare I venture wider society - when we return from lockdown.


A positive environment which welcomes, engages and excites about what lies ahead. Above all, making it feel good to be back.  


That’ll be the new name of the game. Let’s make it...