The Learning Walk of Life

Ok, a bit tenuous. But the ‘Learning Walk’ is the probably the best way that, as a school leader, you can get a true feel of the ‘life’ of your school; it’s heartbeat. The day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute quality of teaching and learning.

Last week saw the latest of our regular Learning Walks. A week where all members of the Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Department and our school improvement partners at Achievement for All literally spend all our time walking into lessons in every subject area. We might each aim to visit up to four in an hour: chatting to the young people, flicking through books and sampling the learning experience around common themes that all ultimately feed into student progress. We compare our thoughts, observations and reflections together, and then feed back to to staff as whole. Approaches to questioning, feedback and assessment, stretch and challenge, for example.

It is a hugely positive experience, because you identify so much great practice, which is then shared at our weekly professional development sessions after school on Mondays, constantly moving us forwards.

And I’m pleased to say that there’s certainly no evidence of any Dire Straits...

Dire Straits