The circle of (school) life...

Every school year has its defining moments. And they certainly come rushing at you about now. If I'm not contradicting what I've just said, the predictability is reassuring!

The explosion of creativity that is the Art Exhibition....

Art Exhibition 2017
Art Exhibition 2017
Art Exhibition 2017
Art Exhibition 2017
Art Exhibition 2017

In reality, a culmination of years of work and commitment, exemplifying staff and students working together to inspire new thinking and genuinely original perspectives...


And Leavers' Days and the pageantry of the associated proms. Year 11 last Friday; Year 13 next Friday. Both the celebration of the journey past, and the journey to be looked forward to - nowhere better in my opinion, than captured in my favourite assembly clip. You know, the final scene from Toy Story 3...

Toy Story 

And then of course there are the hundreds of new journeys about to begin as next week we hold, on consecutive days, our Year 7 and Sixth Form Induction activities. Exciting journeys; exciting futures. Each and every one.

Race for Life

Sports Day, Junior Prize Giving Celebrations and our now established School 'Race for Life' go on to fitting conclude this year's circle of - school - life...