The Cat's Whiskers...

Just before the Easter break, it was indeed very cool to do something for cats. Cats Protection charity, to be precise.

I've always loved cats. And have had them has pets throughout my life, for as long as I can remember. We currently have three from the Cats Protection Rehoming Centre in Newbury. Being an owner is wonderful preparation for both the joys and challenges of senior management... Responsibility for fiercely Independent, confident and strong-willed individuals who it's impossible to 'herd', but who give so much back in return! As Terry Pratchett so beautifully puts it:

Terry Pratchett on Cats 

So, thanks to a contact via an old school friend who now works for the Cats Protection Charity I began a wonderfully positive conversation with Abi Young, their Head of Fundraising about the ideas that a remarkable group of young people at the school already had about doing something special for them.

Our CATS (Cats Action Team Students!) are simply amazing; they voluntarily responded to my initial request for help for the Charity and have been instrumental in everything that has happened since, spontaneously exemplifying the qualities of kindness and generosity of spirit in young people that make my job such a genuine privilege to do.

CATS fundraising team

At an exploratory meeting with Abi, we discovered that the Charity were looking to launch a national fundraising campaign based around the idea of a 'Pawsome Afternoon' Tea, and with feline-like grace the team leapt into action to organise the country's first national pilot event...

Cats fundraising
Cats fundraising
Cats fundraising
Cats fundraising
Cats fundraising
Cats fundraising

I absolutely loved every moment. Like our forthcoming Charity Run and Fun Day, this was an afternoon which purrfectly (sorry!) encapsulated exactly what schools should do in - and for - their community. Ably supported by our new Senior Student Team at their first official event, the team beautifully hosted forty special guests from the Fair Close Day Centre in Newbury, including Ronald - who we discovered was the school's Head Boy from 1948, and had a fantastic chat with Lucas and Luke his successors from 2016 and 2017...

Head Boys 

The Charity's official video from the event, which will now be used to promote similar events across the country, brilliantly captures its wonderful spirit and atmosphere....

And we were delighted this week to visit the Newbury Homing Centre this week to present the cheque for £110.45...

Cheque Handover Newbury Cats Protection 

I can only describe the young people responsible as the cat's whiskers....