Last Thursday afternoon a rat chewed through some cables on the main London to Swindon Line, taking out every signal and causing travel carnage.

I know, because I was there. On my way to an evening meeting in Cardiff to meet with inspirational colleagues from Aspire2Be...

I’m really excited about this burgeoning partnership and the innovative way that initially sports-themed broadcasting can unlock so many skills, right across the curriculum

Innovation. Thinking about new ways of doings; the end point of my rodent interrupted journey.

But in a strange way the rat added additional, if unexpected, value to the trip - fully aligned to its original purpose.

Amongst the general huffing, puffing and resigned incredulity that such announcements on trains tend to induce, I struck up a conversation with the person next to me, as you do. The usual sort of thing; is this going to mess up your connection, miss your meeting etc. Sam’s background in IT was fascinating, and we enjoyed a fantastic discussion about how we might work more creatively in education with other partners to offer non-linear learning programmes for our students, delivered out of school hours by business experts looking to enhance their own presentational skills in tandem with a teaching mentor. A win all round.

I wish I’d thought of it sooner. Rats, as they say.