Nothing lasts forever...


Well, I think I’m entitled to one last blast of early ‘80s nostalgia. It was that, or ‘My Way’!


As Brian so suavely puts it, ‘nothing lasts for ever’.


However, as now I look back for one last time over the the thirty-three years of my career in education, the last seventeen of which I’ve been privileged to spend as the Head of this wonderful school community, it certainly not been anything like the ‘same old scene’. Of that, I’m sure.


For example, when I started teaching...


GCSE exams were just a year old.


There were no school performance tables; or Ofsted.


Email hadn’t been invented. PowerPoint didn’t exist. Instead, you got a memo in your pigeonhole and used one of these for your lessons...


Overhead Projector


To bring things to life..


But, despite all that has changed, changed about the ‘technology of teaching’ and school accountability, I think three things have remained constant. Constant and amplified during this, strangest of present times.


One, that values matter. They are what you have to come back to when making the tough decisions and prioritising resources.


Two, the sheer joy and excitement that come from the privilege of working with young people and their families - even if as you move away from the classroom, its more about ‘making a difference differently’. Hopefully creating the preconditions where a school community can thrive.


And three that nothing in education is ever achieved alone or in isolation. It’s all about partnerships with people. The relationships forged with classes, the teams you work with and in, the families and communities you are proud to serve. Trust and respect.


So, in the style that served me at so many leavers’ assemblies, I’ll sign off with a simple yet truly heartfelt thank you for it. ‘So long, partners...’