Networking... The Model

Ah, Kraftwerk. German Pioneers in the field of electronic music who, for me at the time, captured the mystique that was associated with my experience of ‘the computer’ - and I mean that quite literally - when I was at school during the 1970s and early-80s.

Locked away for the most part in the cupboard at the back of Mr Newby’s Maths Room, The Computer formed the basis of a CSE option for students who were deemed unlikely to succeed on the more rigorous ‘academic’ O Level pathway...

This may help to explain my initial perspective!

Computer book

Fast forward forty years, and I have the privilege of leading a school which has just been selected as one of only 30 across the county to lead the development of learning and teacher training in Computer Science across the region....


Computer usage
Compter usage
Computer usage

As a Department for Education-funded National Computing Hub we now have responsibility across the South West for sharing an inspiring vision to engage all young people in a world-leading Computing Education. As a school with an already outward facing Computer Science Department, this will mean further building on our links with universities, charities and leading edge business to provide a sustainable professional development network of teacher trainers, in many paralleling the work we already do in relation to Physical Education across the 60 local primary schools that form our Sports Partnership.

Digital literacy will help to define the future progress and self-fulfilment of the next generation of our young people and it is a genuine honour to be given this unique opportunity to support the development of the knowledge, skills and creativity of the teachers entrusted with the responsibility of shaping that learning journey.

It’s great to be a model of best practice...

The Model