Mission Impossible... Who CARES?

Younger readers will, of course, be more familiar with the big screen series and Tom Cruise in the lead...

Mission Impossible

But for me, Mission Impossible will always be associated with Tuesday evenings on the - then just - colour telly, that theme tune and equally iconic phrase....

Your mission

Mission Impossible.


Mission impossible?


A question not a statement.


A mindset.


That was the inspirational message imparted by Guin Batten in a rousing speech at last week's annual Youth Sport Trust Conference. I've known Guin for many years working in a variety of roles as a fantastic colleague at the Trust as well of course as an Olympic Rowing Silver medalist from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Guin Batten

But in this context, she was sharing the wider learning from her remarkable achievement in skippering last summer's Rannoch Challenge - becoming together with four other amazing women, the first ever British female crew to successfully row the North Atlantic and breaking three world records en route...

Guin Batten
Rannoch Women's Challenge


In schools, it's all about developing in young people the courage to challenge, drive to be the best they can be, having high aspirations, pushing back boundaries and showing resilience when the going does get tough.

Such a mindset resonates with the Trust's mission of promoting CARE: Creativity, Aspiration, Resilience and Empathy. I've blogged about this, and how it chimes with our own approach here at school, before...


It's further amplified by the following video, produced in the context of my role as a Headteacher Ambassador for the Trust, but reflecting the vision and commitment of our whole school community; a community for whom nothing is impossible and which really does care....