LEAP to the beat...


Not so much a jump, Stacy, as a LEAP.


L for Leaning, innovative and increasingly blended...


E for Efficient and Effective communication


A for Agility in speed of response


P for Partnership and the Potential to now develop more learning networks


A ‘leap’ in response to rapid ‘beat’ of the change in education and learning since 23 March, when lockdown began.


Schools have gone through three distinct phases during this period: reaction, when we just needed to ‘get through’ to the Easter holiday with some continuous form of online learning; adjustment, developing this into a more coherent and planned virtual curriculum offer; and recovery, as we now look forward to ‘blending’ the best and most innovative of the online experience with a return to face-to-face teaching.


So what have we learnt positively form this experience as we enter recovery? For me, it’s about making that ‘leap’.


Recognising that learning will never be the same again and that the crisis has required us to blend creative use of education technology into lesson delivery.


Organising meetings with new efficiency through the use of platforms like Teams or Zoom, meaning that time can be more effectively focused on learning. It also helped to maintain a sense of community cohesion whilst working remotely.


Reinvigorating institutional thinking to become more agile in response to new challenges and unforeseen issues.


Opening up new, future opportunities for improved partnership working between schools - for example being able to offer virtual or ‘blended’ programmes at A Level across a number of institutions so more students can access what might otherwise be minority or unviable courses in a single Sixth Form.


It’s a leap of learning and approach that’s it difficult to see how we could have made forty years ago, when Stacy first invited us to jump to the beat...