Keep on moving, don't stop...

Somewhat ironically 'Keep' was the biggest challenge. Once again, I think I'm allowed a little artistic licence! You see I wanted to find a musical link to each each of the key themes this week; a ‘clever’ introduction to reflections on what was a truly humbling experience.

At the end of each year we hold our 'Student Learning Conference'. An opportunity for our young people to think about what works in their school, and what perhaps from time to time, doesn't .

Never I have to say have I been more impressed by maturity and insight of over seventy – yes, seventy - members of our Student Council. Representatives from all tutor groups from Years 7-10, superbly facilitated by our Sixth Form Senior Students, identified, discussed and then shared what we need to keep, start and stop doing in order to ensure that as a school we really do 'value success for all'.

Student Learning Conference
Student Learning Conference
Student Learning Conference

The ideas generated are being prioritised and followed up as I write. Watch this space! They are reporting back to staff on our first INSET Day on 4 September....