If I could turn back time...

You have probably all seen it by now, so I’m not spoiling anything, am I?

Avengers Film Poster 

To a cut a (very) long story short, in the blockbusting Endgame the surviving Avengers from the previous instalment of the Superhero saga - Infinity War - attempt a ‘Time Heist’: turning back time to bring back their formerly vanquished colleagues so that they can unite to prevent the evil Demi-god and arch villain Thanos from destroying the planet... therefore securing the future. Simple. Got it.


Pasts and futures intertwined.

Rather like when we approach the end of the the school year.... without the threat of an imminent apocalypse!

Year 11 2019

Year 13 2019

So as we prepare for another Year 11 and Year 13 cohort to leave us and take their exams, we can look back nostalgically on all that they have achieved both individually and collectively together. But at the same time look forward, optimistically, to their exciting futures...