I wonder...

We had another great Skype on Friday with the fantastic students from Shinagawa School in Tokyo...

Japan Skype
Japan Skype session


Timing was great as the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee have just revealed the shortlist for the official Olympic and Paralympic mascots, with the winners to be chosen by children….

Japan 2020 Mascot vote

Who would you vote for..?


As indicated in my previous blog, our theme this time was sharing excitement - and wider learning - associated with hosting ‘the greatest show on earth’.

Our students based much of their presentation around Danny Boyle’s amazing ‘Isles of Wonder’ Opening Ceremony, capturing iconic moments and images from our history; moments and images that have defined us as a nation and shaped our collective identity, culture and spirit... [Click image below for YouTube link]

YouTube link for Isles of Wonder

Which got me wondering...


What moments and images would I choose if I wanted to capture the essence of our school community?


So an interactive conclusion this week. An invitation. Please share your thoughts with me. So I can share them with our students - and get them thinking, too.


I wonder...