Human Questions


Human. By the Human League (making their extended blog debut a little too late, I feel).


I’m only Human. Of flesh and blood I'm made.


Human, made to make mistakes.


How easy it can be to forget that! How easy to forget in an age where attention to another - real attention, real listening - can so easily be distracted by a phone call, email, text, tweet or post. Ping!


We’re suffering from a form of digital obesity, aren’t we? We just can’t stop consuming. All the time.


And yet at the very time when its under most attack, giving some else proper, undivided attention surely remains the most generous form of all human interaction.


Listening. Really listening. Showing social awareness and empathy. Interest


How easy is it to make, or break, break someone’s day. By showing, or not showing, it.



So, I’m thinking about an antidote.


I’m thinking about about asking every student in every tutor group to start each morning by asking a question, to a different student. It might just turn into a fascinating conversation...