Heatwave in the Hot House...

I almost made it work. I hope you will allow me the artistic license! That piece of 70s kitsch indulgence from Heatwave was actually released in February 1977. Close enough, I think.

Because 1976 was, for those of us who remember it, the last great heatwave. The year of 'The Drought'. Standpipes everywhere; hose pipe bans; seared lawns; gloriously long days as, personally, I indulged in my final summer in primary school, blissfully charging around the school field without a care for potential consequence. I'm not sure that there were heatwave 'alerts' then. I of course wasn't running a school, so don't know what Local Authorities may or may not have sent out by way of guidance. I think we - and the school - probably just relied on common sense when it got really too hot!


Suffice to say, there's a long way to go before the last four hot days surpass the three months of, as I recall it, almost unbroken sunshine of some forty-one, increasingly distant and halcyon years ago.

However, the coincidence of the summer's first really hot spell with two pieces of work could not be more timely.

First, my updating of what has become an annual presentation to local early career and newly qualified teachers at Oxford University on Saturday, where I reflect on the significance of how 'Values-Themed Learning' informs all we do here at school...



And secondly, my request to teachers for information, photos and feedback on events, activities and achievements throughout the year to inform preparation for my end of term assembly presentations in the Sports Hall. The deadline for returns is the end of next week, and I've already reached my seventy-first slide on the draft! Prepare yourself, students..!

The only conclusion I draw in context is that, in terms of learning and opportunity, Park House is, in every sense, a very Hot House...