Handing on the baton (and the blog!)

Last week's blog reflected on the fantastic leadership skills shown by our students in their role as Sports Ambassadors at the School Games.

This week's sets student leadership in a wider context. And provides an opportunity to recognise some very special young people for all that they do for our school community.

Senior Student Team 2016

L-R: Gemma, Toby, Carys, Lucas, Katherine, Mason, Grace

This is always the moment in the school year at which the Senior Student Leadership Team baton gets passed on. So I'd firstly like to thank last year's brilliant Team of Grace Blake, Carys Cox, Toby Holloway and Gemma Maynard, Mason Prestorious, superbly led by Head Boy Lucas Voss and Head Girl Katherine Langley, for all that they have done to so wonderfully represent student voice over the last twelve months. You've been amazing....

As I know will be our newly appointed Team of Head Boy Luke Batlow and Head Girl Lili Atraki with Deputies Abbey Barr, Corrin Benham, Scarlett King, Ruairidh Livingstone, Ben Sutherland and Ellie Woodley…

Senior Student Team 2017

L-R: Scarlett, Ellie, Ruairidh, Luke, Ben, Lili, Abbey, Corrin

The appointment process that they've just been through is probably the most rigorous - and extended - that any will experience until they apply for a senior management post, some way down their subsequent career pathways!


A written letter of application...


A hustings presentation of their ideas for school improvement in front of a full Sixth Form assembly of their peers and staff...


And two structured panel interviews...


Would you have had the confidence and courage to have done that at 16 or 17? I know that I certainly didn't!


You also might have thought that after such an experience they might just be ready for a holiday. However, they've additionally agreed to do some of my own end of term work for me by concluding this piece with their own introductory blog on it! Watch this, and their own, space for more on their vision for student leadership at the school next term...

When you’re new to the school the Head Boy and Girl always seem very grown up and official. Giving speeches, leading councils, and organising events, the responsibilities that come with such a role often seem overwhelming at that age.

The idea of speaking in front of a room filled with your peers, people that have known you for at leat five years seems like torture. And yet two weeks ago there we were, eleven of  us practising our speeches, fidgeting in our seats, anxious to tell these people that we knew so well what we wanted to change. This was the bit of the whole process that daunted many, not the interviews nor the application letter, but speaking to these people that we endeavour to represent as members of the Senior Student Team.

Everyone who spoke delivered enthusiastic and enjoyable speeches, and should be proud of their efforts. We hope that the faith you entrusted in us will be reflected in our efforts to make Park House, Sixth Form and lower school, a friendly and welcoming place for all.