Generations Game...

Staple Saturday night viewing, some forty years ago.


‘Nice to see you, to see you nice’.


‘Didn’t they do well!’


Bruce Forsyth


Bless Brucie. For the pre-Strictly generation, the Generation Game was probably his finest hour.


The Generation Game. A show that brought together teams of families made up of members different generations to learn new skills and light-heartedly compete to show their competence - or otherwise.


Take out the competition and (very) light entertainment context and there is perhaps an analogy with something far more significant in a contemporary social education setting. Something we are currently very interested in exploring further here at and beyond school.


The concept of Intergenerational Learning -or IL - describes the way that people of all ages can learn together and from each other; a programme of lifelong learning where the generations work together to gain and share skills, values and knowledge


IL then in turn can inform IP, or Intergenerational Practice: bringing together people from different generations in purposeful, mutually beneficial activities to promote greater understanding and respect between generations; contributing to building communities where people respect each other and are better connected.


The practice is of course all the more relevant  in the context of increased social and geographic mobility, with generations becoming frequently becoming more distanced or segregated from one another - especially particularly younger and older people this the potential for unrealistic and negative stereotyping as a result. Think Brexit or climate change, of example.


The very first steps here come from the wonderful relationship we already enjoy with the Fair Close Day Centre...


Concerts, Art displays, charity events...




And opportunities presented through the work our Sixth Formers lead as part of the Rotary Interact Club...

Fair Close presentation 

Very excitingly, this is now forming the basis for a more sustained long-term learning programme through the course of next year.


Watch this space.


Game on!