So, all the decorations are down and the season of peace and goodwill to all men is over for another year.

Perhaps precisely the time to think about how we behave towards one another for the other fifty weeks of the year! Time to reflect on how we build genuine relationships based on trust and mutual respect and shared understanding.

Reflections illustrated by two songs. Two songs about friendship. One forty years old, the other almost fifty. Contrasting songs. Contrasting themes.

The first, prophetic. From forty years ago this year. The ‘anthem’ to my Year 9 (it was the Third Year then)...


Did Gary foresee a future, I wonder, where being ‘liked’ as a ‘friend’ can be as simple - or ephemeral and meaningless - as pressing a button...

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The second, even older being released almost half a century ago now in January 1970, perhaps offers a vision of friendship that is much deeper, lasting and more akin to that captured in my recent ‘I will stand by you’ blog...


A bridge over troubled water...


How ironic, therefore that the jealousies triggered by this exquisite expression of the power of understanding in time of need should mark the temporary breakdown of Simon and Garfunkel’s relationship...


Thank goodness they managed to make up, ten years later at their concert in Central Park.

So one more song.

Old friends.