Follow you, follow me, follow the leader?

Leadership, its style and indeed sometimes its absence, is certainly in the spotlight, isn’t it? The following offers an interesting perspective…




‘Lack of interest in fame and attention; and resistance to the temptation to hide the truth or make impossible promises... kindness, empathy and emotional intelligence’.


Not a bad set of characteristics in one we might want to follow.


But, based on them I find myself sadly struggling to identify a current and easily recognisable ‘great leader’ for my forthcoming Year 7 Induction Assembly.


Potter Book Cover

In the hope that I won’t give too much away to our new, soon to arrive students,  it starts with the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 and 3/4 and then takes them to the nervousness Sorting Ceremony on their first day…

Potter characters

Book Pages

From there, it’s a trip through our Values, with Inspiration and Respect currently  personified by Nelson Mandela.


Whilst facing the aforementioned challenge of securing a more contemporary substitute, I am however buoyed by the knowledge that the next stage of my assembly is safe.


That’s because I then seek to exemplify those values and behaviours in the context of our own young people, and the opportunities that we provide for them to be developed.


And in doing so, I look no further than our outstanding Sixth Form Senior Student Team, the leaders of our school community...

Senior Students

An amazing group of young people who, already since their appointment at the end of March have demonstrated both vision but perhaps most importantly ‘kindness, empathy and emotional intelligence’ in establishing a climate of trust for younger students where they feel comfortable to approach them about issues or concerns.


If the wider world may at present indeed feel somewhat ‘toxic’, the future offers hope and optimism if it is to be shaped by young people like these.


Leaders to follow.