Follow the leader...?

I like this. I liked to when it was shown to us at the launch meeting for the Youth Sport Trust Ambassador Schools Programme a couple of weeks ago; thirty Schools from across the country that have been invited to take a lead on developing the use of PE in a wider context to promote emotional and social - as well as purely physical - well being.

I am delighted to be a first follower in this initiative. After all it builds upon so much that we already do, including the work of Mrs Liz Hawkins as our Active Well-Being Coordinator.

I think though it also resonates with the approach that we are taking to the establishment of our Multi-Academy Trust in partnership with Achievement for All...

Lead Learning Role for Park House

Not imposing; instead working consensually together with schools sharing a common vision to add value to all our students’ experience through partnership.

We held a series of briefing sessions for other schools earlier in the week. No weird dancing, but certainly positive interest in coming together around a common purpose. Start of a movement...?