Do you know where you’re going to...?


I really like that song. It immediately transports me back to the lovely summer of 1975; my last summer in primary school. Not absolutely sure where I was going to, but loving where I was and, with mild trepidation, I think also looking forward to what educationally lay ahead.


Fortunately, thanks to our new and innovative transition portal, ten years-olds thinking about coming to Park House in a year’s time can have a degree more clarity in confidence in what beckons...




Forty-five years later, I find the song going through my head again. And again in relation to education!


I’m afraid it was exactly the question on my mind on Friday as I listened to The Secretary of State announcing ‘plans’ for September.


We all know that leadership in this context is hard. Unprecedentedly so. No one can be absolutely sure where they are going to.


However, staff at school, who understand learning, behaviour, needs and available spaces have been working tirelessly for weeks to plan for where we thought we were going to, based on what we told and where we wanted to be as a result. We can and will be ready. But we can’t keep having expectations arbitrarily changed in a sound bite.


We just need those who make ‘Policy’ to listen a little more to those who implement it, reflect and think things through before taking us to a place where it may not be actually possible to go. However much we do.