Derelict, moi...?


I’m not making it up. Here’s the proof...


Either predictive text or a perceptive insight into how, as a headteacher, you may just be feeling at this stage of the academic year!

Fortunately the former... and even if I were to admit to feeling a little ‘frayed’ or burnt out then three events over the last week have certainly reinvigorated this poor old educational soul. Three events which showcase - and transfer - the incredible energy, passion and creativity of our young people.

Firstly, on Thursday, our Student Learning Conference....

Student Conference
Student Conference

Genuinely one of the most inspiring and impressive experiences of my recent years at the school.

Focused on what we should ‘keep’, ‘stop’ and ‘start’ doing at the school this brilliant session with representatives from all tutor groups in Years 7, 8 and 9 was exclusively - and quite brilliantly - organised, led and facilitated by the Head Girl and Boy and Sixth Form Senior Student Team.

Experienced teachers could have made more on their exceptional practice in shaping incredible maturity of debate and thinking, all positively centred on what could further improve learning and the all-round student experience. I learnt masses...

Secondly, and from later in a day that just kept on giving, a truly magical outdoor evening Summer Concert...

Summer Concert 

And finally, on Saturday, An equally stunning Encompass Dance Festival: over 100 brilliant young dancers from Years 7-13 excelling in no fewer than 27 amazingly creative performances...


Two weeks to go. Derelict, moi...?