Control the controllables... it’s all about learning!

Not sure who first said it, but for me it at present sums up how we need proceed in schools.


As you’d come to expect, it’s an analogy taken from the world of high performance sport:





For example, you can’t control the weather, how the opposition are going to perform, the quality of the pitch or the decisions of the referee.


You can control the quality of your own team’s preparation, planning and attitude to the match.


So, in the current context, I think our planning to ‘control the controllables’ now comes down three things.


Firstly, our assessment of the local and specific preconditions for any form of an offer, as requested by the Department for Education, of ‘some face-to-face support (my Italics) to supplement the remote education to school for Years 10 and 12’ at our school and the decision that we make in the best interests of the health and safety of the whole community.


Secondly, our continued planning for the highest possible quality of virtual teaching and learning for the remainder of this term, blended with whatever we may be able to offer ‘face to face’ for the identified year groups. It’s the question of how to deliver the best learning in the circumstances which is central here; the key issue which seems to have been lost in all the unhelpful noise generated by some elements of the media.


It’s learning that’s our core purpose and, for us, that’s currently best still achieved safely online with the addition of one-to-one tutorials on progress for the Years 10 and 12. It comes down to basic practicalities. You can’t do any meaningful learning, safely, with split groups in non-specialist classrooms and non-specialist resources delivered by non-specialty teachers. Controlling the controllables.


And thirdly, continuing to hold together our own and wider community based on shared values through regular communication, activities and the celebration of all that continues to be achieved in these strangest of times.


It was of course also on this theme that we were, as a school community, treated to a brilliant live webinar by Gazing Consultancy last Thursday. Red to Blue. It’s all about learning...


Click here for a recording of the webinar>>>