I’m really looking forward to 12 November. Like, six-year old on Christmas Eve excited!

Because I get to interview one of the genuine all-time greats of a game a love with a passion; a creative genius, risk taker and maverick. A character. David Campese.

David Campese - ‘Campo’ - played rugby in a style that I aspire to lead a school. With passion, Joie de Vive and a creativity that transcends the constraints of formula. Achieving outstanding results in the context of a rounded, fun-filled experience for all.

Campo combined brilliance with brilliant outcomes. He was both an entertainer and a World Cup Winner. The best in the world.

Combining a wonderfully enjoyable, personally rewarding experience, with great outcomes has to be the ambition of any school. It’s certainly our’s.

So please come along on 12 November to hear from a character...

…as part of the wider community programme of school with character.

Campese poster