Angen y Gan (Need the Song)... I am what I am

Nigel Owens

It was as powerful and moving a Desert Island Discs as you'll ever hear.

Nigel Owens Desert Island Discs

If you can spare forty-two minutes and nine seconds to listen to it all, you won't regret a moment. It'll fly by...

BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs, Nigel Owens - 10 things we learnt from Nigel Owens’ Desert Island Discs>>>


Honesty. Integrity. Openness. Personified.


Three 'lessons' for school life stood out for me as I reflected on all Nigel Owens had to say.

Empathy. The key to refereeing a great game. Of course know and understand the laws but apply them so you allow play to flow and enable players express themselves with individuality and flair. I'd like to think it's the approach I've taken as the arbiter of school life, endeavouring as headteacher to get the very best out of students and staff.

Nigel Owens

Respect. The core value of the game of Rugby; the core value of any cohesive community. Any great school. You can't build effective learning, based on positive relationships between students and staff, without it.

Nigel Owens

Nigel Owens

Equality. Expect to be treated no better nor worse than anyone else. And as the key to that, accept who you are. Happiness and personal achievement and fulfilment will flow from it. Enabling every young person to feel sufficiently comfortable and confident to be the best that can be has to define all that we strive to do as a school, as I aimed to express it last time...



I’ve listened. I’ve read the book...

Nigel Owens Autobiography

And I now can't wait to meet Nigel in just over three weeks time and to have the privilege of hearing more from him at first hand...

An evening with Nigel Owens