A picture is worth a thousand words...

Well, five pictures actually. Four striking images form a memorable summer of sport have helped shape my start of term messages to both students and staff. My ‘themes for the year’. And a fifth, from GCSE Results Day, captures all that we ultimately set out to achieve together through those themes. I share the pictures again here. Here goes with the thread...!

First, these two of Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas...


One a joyful individual expression of the ultimate reward that comes from determined hard work. A triumph for resilience… The other a celebration of teamwork and trust.

And then these from the European Athletic Championships in Berlin in August…


Expressions of the endless potential of young people to achieve – and to redefine expectations of what is possible.

The winner of the race a young man named Jakob Ingebrigtsen. Jackob’s seventeen years old; a Year 12. He achieved something no other athlete has ever done. On the ?Thursday evening  of the Championships he became the youngest ever winner of an event in its 84 year history when he won the 1500m. And 24 hours later on the ?Friday night he also won the 5000m. The only athlete ever to complete that double. Incidentally, the athlete being beaten into  second place is Henrik Ingebrigtsen, his elder brother!

The second athlete literally jumping for joy is Swedish Pole Vaulter, Arnaud Duplantis. He’s just eighteen; a Year 13. In winning Pole Vault on the same evening as Jakob completed his double, Arnaud beat two Olympic Champions and recorded the second highest ever vault in history!

So, have you worked out the themes?

Thanks to those pictures of Geraint, it’s how working as part of a team - a partnership - adds value to individual performance. Think as a school our new Multi Academy Trust Partnership with Achievement for All; as teacher within a subject Department; as a student within a year group and a classroom.

And thanks to those of Jakob and Arnaud that, with high expectations, hard work and resilience, there are simply no limits to what young people can achieve.

And how it’s our pleasure and privilege to work with them as a team to push back boundaries. It’s the final picture, of Mrs Kirby and Izzy on GCSE results day, that therefore needs no further words...

Happy Results Day