A Master's Voice...

Master's Course

It was something of a coincidence that I came across this article during the Easter break, when The Masters was on the telly in the background.  It represents for me, the reflections of one of the educational ‘masters’.


Mr Chips

I admire Tim Brighouse hugely. I’d go as far as to call him an inspiration. He was Director of Education for Oxfordshire when I took up I my first teaching post at Gillott’s School Henley back in 1988. And I was hugely honoured when, as Chair of the association of Secondary Headteachers (we really were known by acronym BASH!) he accepted by invitation to speak at our annual conference in 2011.

So when he speaks - or writes - about our profession people take notice. Because he does so with a breath and depth of knowledge and authority. Wisdom, I’d go as far as to venture. 

For me, it’s the call for curriculum relevance that really resonates. I’ve blogged about it before, in variety of contexts, advocating a more thematic, skills-based approach to develop the competencies and confidence to enable young people to thrive in the ‘interconnectedness’ of the modern world:




I was even quoted about this on Panorama a couple of years ago. It was a programme exploring the impact of technology, and I was endeavouring - far less succinctly than Professor Brighouse - to express the key issue of the dissonance between the current, historic examination system and how and what we really need to be assessing today…

Derek Peaple

Why sit young adults four feet away from one another, in silence and with no access to technology to find out how effectively they are likely to contribute to productivity in the second quarter of the 21st century?

It’s good to feel that you are in tune with one of the masters…