Youth Sport Trust Conference starts early at Park House with an international flavour!

The journey to Telford starts here!

This morning I’m at school with Alan Bell, Chief Olympic starter and international partnerships co-ordinator with the Youth Sort Trust and a great friend of Park House, delighted to be hosting members of the Iraqi Ministerial delegation that will be attending Conference over the next three days.  The delegation is visiting as part of the Youth Sport Trust/British Council/EU Iraqi education reconstruction programme, with which we’ve been privileged to be involved with as one of five Sports Colleges on the project.  We’ve been sharing our approach to developing student leadership and effective learning across the curriculum through our specialism with our two amazing partner schools in Baghdad.  We’ve just been observing  a group of our brilliant Year 11 JSLAs leading a primary session at Falkland School on Sitting Volleyball.  I’m just sitting in the de-brief as our students are talking about how this work fits into their personalised learning pathways through PE and sport.  Such fabulous insights into teaching and learning!  So proud of them! A school tour taking in a variety of PE lessons, followed by lunch with the PE Change Team then beckons! 

We’re then on the road to Telford, with a first meeting with a group of Olympians interesting exploring the opportunities to pursue flexible routeways into teaching as part of a ‘From World Class to Classroom’ pilot project that we are investigating with Oxford Brookes University.  I’m really excited about the potential of this project, and how it can provide an opportunity for athletes to work in partnership with us whilst developing a portfolio that will ultimately lead to QTS.

Our member schools dinner will be followed by a the final event of the day – a meeting of the Headteacher strategy Group, where we’ll be feeding back – no pun intended – on our work over the last few months to advocate the work of the Trust in an national context. 

At some point, I’ll just need take a final look at my presentation for tomorrow on using PE and sport to promote outstanding Ofsted outcomes.  Really looking forward to that.  My key message is to ensure that schools have the self-belief and confidence to recognise the enormous value that sport has in this respect and provide some practical – and adaptable - examples of how we have achieved this at Park House.  Our Ofsted Report of June 2012 is testimony to the power and impact of our specialism.
And that’s all before conference actually starts tomorrow!