What really matters...

It seems a long time ago. My last blog. I called it 'Happy!' It reflected the sense of pride I feel every day in the unique feeling of warmth and cohesiveness within our school community. It has heightened resonance and poignancy six weeks on. A resonance I never intended.

On the morning of 4 August I was on holiday in France. Whilst still attempting to 'switch off' thoughts oscillated between the permutations of forthcoming results days and, on a global scale, reflections on the centenary of the outbreak of a global conflict which stole a generation. A conflict in which my Grandad served and whose stories of comradeship and heroism and, ultimately, loss continue to inspire. A conflict that took place in the fields of a country which witnessed the end of so many young lives but where I now was now enjoying my summer break. I even began to compose my start of term assemblies.

And then things froze.

A routine check of email.

A tragic accident. One of our students, Charlie Townsend, had lost his life.

We achieved great results this summer. I am immensely proud of them. 

But this summer has taught me what really matters. The preciousness of young life. And the strength of a family - and a community - so cruelly robbed of it.

That community - our community - has come together in Charlie's memory. And will continue to do so as we celebrate his life and the happiness he brought to so many within it.

That's what really matters.