Valuing a Values Centred Ambition

Devotees of our excellent 2012 Ofsted Report will know that it concluded with the judgement that:

A values centred ambition for student inspired by the Headteacher and the governing body drives the school’s effective improvement and its planning.

This flowed naturally from a series of comments which ran through the Report as a unifying theme:

The school strongly fosters students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and the Olympic and Paralympic Values are a central focus throughout the curriculum.

Students engage enthusiastically in the school’s promotion of the Olympic and Paralympic Values showing respect, friendship and a pursuit of excellence.

A recent Values Day based on the Paralympic Value of equality heightened students’ awareness of bullying and challenged their attitudes to people’s differences.

Values day volleyball

PE Change Team Students leading a Paralympic Sitting Volleyball session which formed a key feature of our Equality Themed Values Day which was so praised by Ofsted for its positive impact on students

Given this emphasis on a ‘values centred ambition' for our students, I was fascinated to read the following headline on the BBC website on 2nd September:

School should build ‘character’, say parents 

You can read the whole of the report by clicking here:


It focuses on recently commissioned research from the University of Birmingham which indicates that the vast majority of parents want schools to encourage values such as honesty and fairness as part of a much wider focus on character development.  .

I've been in touch and am hoping for some further discussion with the University about our approach here at Park House.  Indeed, I'd love them to do a bit of further research on the relationship between the Values fostered in and exhibited by our students and their fantastic levels of progress and achievement.

It can't be by accident that we are the only school in the County to have a zero NEET (not in education, employment or training) figure for our leavers in Year 11.  It's certainly interesting point made in the BBC Report about the relationship between values and employability skills such as honesty, self-discipline and respectfulness.

It also can’t be any accident, as I was very proud to learn only yesterday (14th September) that from over 700 volunteers helping at this year’s national School Games in Sheffield our team of ten students achieved this:

Sainsbury's school games volunteer award

A simply wonderful endorsement of what we aim to develop in your young people!

I'd really like to know what you think about the value of a ‘values centred’ approach. Please do email me your views to dpeaple@parkhouseschool.org