Value(s) In A Lazy Weekend...

I've been lazy this weekend.

I suppose that's not strictly true.

I've actually been at work most of the weekend. Not at Park House, but at the NEC in Birmingham.

Star Wars Image

I wasn't attending the Star Wars and Superhero convention.

Star Wars in Birmingham


Maybe on reflection I was! Some school leaders sometimes like to think that they are Superheroes; and there has certainly been lots of recent intergalactic conflict between schools and those who have moved to the 'dark side' of inspection!

Enough! To reassure those of you whose children in are in my care, I was at the ASCL (Association of School and College Leaders) Annual Conference (and never once sneaked out).

ASCL Conference Programme

These conferences are always brilliant, bringing together key figures in the world of education. Policy shapers; thought leaders. The great and the good.

This year was no exception. All the biggest hitters were present. The two 'Michaels' were in the house.

Michael Gove Michael Wilshaw

Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove.
Head of Ofsted and Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools, Sir  Michael Wilshaw.

A lot of discussion focused on proposed reforms to Ofsted, and what learning in truly great schools looks like.

The theme of the Conference was:

Values for Learning and Leadership

It was this combination of a focus on Ofsted Inspection and the values-based theme that inspired me to be lazy this weekend!

Inspired me to be lazy in not writing a fresh blog this week, but instead reprising the one I posted at the start of the academic year on 15 September. I'm sure you all read it first time round!

I hope you understand why I've been lazy....

It's called 'Valuing a Values Centred Ambition'... (Read my 15 September blog again here) >>>