Time to be inspired!

I heard from the Cabinet Office last week the fantastic news that we had become the first (and only) school in the country to be awarded the prestigious 'Inspired by 2012' brand for projects which embrace the spirit and values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Projects that boost learning right across the curriculum. The timing, as I will explain, could not have been better!

The 'Inspired by 2012' brand can be used by private, public and third sector  organisations to recognise the outstanding work that they have done to deliver  projects and events genuinely inspired by the London 2012 Games. A number of our 2012-inspired projects have been recognised for use of the brand, including the 'Games Maker to Learning Maker' initiative I described in a previous post, which aims to develop our younger students as leaders within the school community, our talent development programmes with local primary schools, and the way we use university links to inspire students to achieve their full potential.

The award of the brand, which will  now appear on our letterheads and the website, therefore captures the spirit of the 2012 Games and the commitment to inspire a generation of young people - a 'Park House Generation'.  We used the Olympic and Paralympic Values both before and during 2012 to inspire truly unique learning opportunities for our students right across the curriculum. We are now also equally committed to a series of Legacy projects that will continue to excite and inspire outstanding learning and achievement based on those Values and the very special spirit created by the events of last summer.

The timing of the award of the brand also could not have been more appropriate.  I had already chosen as my theme for last week's assemblies that of an inspirational challenge, based on the sixtieth anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.  This, in turn, I linked to multiple stories of the inspiration provided by the incredible successes and achievements of our former students, emphasising that as a school community we ourselves have the capacity to inspire each other to reach even greater individual and collective 'summits'.

The assembly ended with a further challenge.  On the theme of an 'inspired generation', I have asked students to write to me with their individual success stories; stories to illustrate their personal Park House journeys so far.  I am sure that they will indeed inspire.  Look out for the first of them, which will shortly be appearing on the website and the forthcoming addition of Personal Best.  Time to be inspired!