The world turned upside down...

World Turned Upside Down

I've used this cartoon a lot when teaching about England in the 1640s and 1650s. I also read this book book by the historian Christopher Hill when studying the same period at university in the early 1980s. The turmoil and confusion of England after the Civil War!

World Turned Upside Down

Never have both seemed more relevant to contemporary Britain.

It's not my place or purpose to make any political point. Never would. I just wanted to make an observation about the importance of moral purpose and its role in leadership in challenging times, especially as and when they relate to young people.

On the day that adults were voting last week, I was privileged and proud to presenting alongside two former students at the Telegraph Festival of Education; presenting on the role that values have played in providing a framework for achievement, learning and personal development at Park House. Annabel Chaffey, Youth Winter Olympian, Heather Barr, last year's Head Girl and now Oxford English Undergraduate were magnificent. Awesome, in every sense of the word.

Conference Image
Conference Image

They embodied all that is wonderful about the values of our school and leadership skills, confidence and moral compass that we seek to develop in all our young people.

During turbulent times - for an individual, a community or indeed a nation - schools so often tend to remain a focal point; a source of continuity and unity. And a source of hope. I think the significance of that has never been greater...