The Young Ones

The Young Ones

You never stop learning in this job. Two brilliant things happened this week. Things that reaffirmed my fundamental belief in the ability of young people to reflect on their experiences and offer deep insights into how to make things even better for their peers.

Firstly, on Tuesday I had the privilege of interviewing our Senior Student Team applicants for the next academic year. Their passion for our school community and the range and depth of their ideas for further improvement were truly remarkable.

The outgoing Head Boy and Girl take part in the interview selection process for their successors and it's a revealing process.

I just sit back and take notes...!

Marcus and Heather Headboy and HeadGirl 2014

Thank you, Marcus and Heather. It's been a pleasure and privilege to work with you.

After the interviews, it was so good to bring the 2014-15 and 2015-16 Teams together on Friday to discuss their ideas for continuity and change...

Senior Students 2014 and 2015

It's going to be an exciting year ahead. Watch this space!

Secondly, and as an expression of exactly why student voice is so important, I was approached by an outgoing member of our Senior Student Team. She had in turn been approached by two younger students who wanted to share with her some ideas they had for school improvement. They had entrusted her to represent their views to me. I met them together to explore these views on Friday. Every one was was carefully considered and maturely articulated: assembly theme relevance, the pros and cons of mixed PE lessons and the pressures of non-uniform days...

You realise, even at my age, you have so much to learn from the young ones...