The Icing on the Cake (and Corsa in the Common Room!)

It's very significant that the video you've just watched was made by a student. A creative reflection on creativity.

Lucas Voss Nicola Adams

Lucas Voss, who made it, is Head Boy. He was the most recent recipient of my annual 'Living the Values' Award at Prize Giving. And he's also a brilliantly creative photographer.

In Year 11 this photo won a commendation in a national competition for students to capture the spirit of their school...

Lucas Voss Winning Photo

There is a real risk that creativity is being squeezed out of a curriculum where planning for learning is designed to maximise performance and outputs in league tables and now the DFE's latest measure - Progress 8 - which, as the term suggests - focuses on results in a limited range of 'traditional' subject areas.

I'd venture that in school's where this may be happening, it's a false economy. Creativity is at the heart of all brilliant learning - and therefore progress - right across the curriculum. I think I may well have used this quote before, but as one genius once put it:

Einstein Creativity

That's why we will always seize any and every opportunity for students to express their individuality and spirit and passion. Their creativity.

At the Art Exhibition, obviously...

A Level Art Exhibition 2016
A Level Art Exhibition 2016

In applying technology to address real time and realise challenges...

TeenTech Awards

Designing new products based on traditional themes...

Plane-A-Pult at Design Ventura
Plane-A-Pult at Design Ventura
Plane-A-Pult at Design Ventura

Or as Ella, Molly and Matthew baking fabulous, award-winning cakes to celebrate the Queen's Birthday...

Molly and Ella
Matthew Smith

Once upon a time we used to plan a special, 'Creative Learning Week'. Frankly, the most ridiculous idea I've ever had! With students and teachers like ours and a Corsa in the Common Room, every day is a creative learning experience...