The Best of Both Worlds

The last three weeks - and the week that lies ahead - prove that the learning experience at Park House combines the best of 'traditional' opportunities for young people with leading edge innovation.
Two activities for me capture the best of the 'old'. Firstly, there was the Year 10 Boys Football Tour to Dublin over half term.  The plaudits for this trip keep flooding in!  It was a fantastic opportunity for the boys to test themselves against some top class Irish sides as well as enjoy the cultural experience of playing sport in a different context.  I understand that the Gaelic Games 'taster' session was truly amazing - as was the realisation that the top players are amateur and proudly represent the province of their birth in front of 80,000 fans at Croke Park, such is the local passion. Secondly, last Friday's Year 7 and 8 Disco brought together 120 students for a really great evening in which young people simply enjoyed themselves and behaved impeccably throughout.
The 'new' will be symbolised by our Computer Science Day for 300 primary school students on Tuesday.  The event reflects our status as the Southern Regional Centre of Excellence for Computer Science in Schools and I'm delighted that our own students will play a leading role in facilitating activities supported by IBM and the University of Reading.  More to follow on this next week!