Thank God it's (Not) Black Friday...

I've always been more of a fan of Blue Monday than Black Friday.

Black Friday


Indeed, the latter is surely little more than another, relatively recent, 'over the pond' import of the 'trick or treat' variety. I won't get started on that again, though...


Reflecting more positively, I did start to think that if Park House were a megastore, which of it leading 'brands' would appear in a super sale. A sale that would get people scrambling over each other to get into...

Black Friday


I'd start with our values...

Then, I think, relationships...

Oh, and after that, the opportunities...

And probably finally an overriding sense of community.

Cake Sale
Cake Sale
Open Evening Flyer
Students Fundraising
Charity Run
401 Challenge Ben Smith at Park House
Prize Winners at Prize Giving 2015

Maybe after all there are just some things that money can't buy, even at a knock down price...

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