Stand by me

Stand by me (or just walk on by)... I really don't mind

Where are you reading this blog now?

What did you do in the office, yesterday?

Has anything ever struck you about this sign?

Stand on the right sign underground 

Why doesn't it say 'Walk on the left'?

There's a theme to my questions... And choice of musical introduction.

A combination of factors, including the rise of 'labour-saving' devices, atomisation and IT in the work place and computer games dominating leisure time have resulted in an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

And it's clearly killing us. And our children.

Recent research chillingly predicts that today's children will live five years less than their parents: the first generation in history to have a lower life expectancy than that preceding them.

That's why I'm particularly excited about our developing work as a national secondary school pilot with Active Movement...
Active Movement
Developed by Team GB Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mike Loosemore, it's got nothing to do with more sport - although that of course helps! It's about changing behaviours and mindset by integrating non-sedentary and low-level activity into daily routine so that it becomes the norm. And a lifelong habit.

As a 'campus' site, we already have walking time between lessons built into the school day.  But we are also looking at new ideas, such as...

Standing up to answer a question instead of putting your hand up...

Standing up when you hear a key word or concept, or when you make a presentation, with kinaesthetic learning proven to reinforce understanding...

And also subtle reinforcement in other ways across the curriculum: emphasising the concept of movements in Art, Music or History, for example...

Art Movements graphic

We are even forming a Student 'Standing Committee' to help us to shape the way we design the programme and ensure its relevance to them! The group has already told us to avoid the danger of too many 'I'm Sparticus' moments were we to insist on students standing every time an adult enters the classroom...!

Brilliantly simple. We will also be looking to track and evaluate how the approach supports the adage of 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'... Moving students on in their learning every sense.

Despite the temptation of so many chairs, an ahead of her time Dionne Warwick doesn't sit down once in this 1964 performance of 'Walk On By'...

The school's next move will be clear in November...