Sorry... Just have to keep on about this!

My final blog of the Spring Term focused on the amazing leadership qualities of our young people. So does my first of the Summer Term!

I make no apology! It's not because I'm lacking in imagination! It's just that I continue to be so inspired by how maturely our students work together to do very special things. We've had four days back since the Easter holidays, and I've already had direct experience of two of them.

On Wednesday, I was treated to a fantastic three-course lunch, expertly prepared and served by our team of Cookery School students. They work with the support of the Food Technology Department, staff from the Newbury Show and Sheepdrove Organic Farm to source, cook and serve the menu of carrot and corridor soup, fresh chicken pasta bake and rhubarb crumble. The team also have the responsibility organising the invites to the guest list, including members of staff and outside visitors. It would be no exaggeration to say that the quality of attentive service that was provided would not have been out of place in a top class restaurant and I am now looking at how this fantastic group can form part of an on-going Hospitality Team. They really are brilliant ambassadors for Park House.

Food and great entertainment provided the connection to my other brilliant student-led achievement of the first week of the new term! Over the holidays I was delighted to receive an invitation to attend an independent charity event on Friday that was being organised by a team of our Year 11 students who form the core of the Young Corn Exchange group. The evening was themed around Great Britain, with a Fish and Chip supper all accompanied by superb musical and comedy performances from the students themselves. It was just brilliant and, to the huge credit of all concerned, raised £1,000 for the charity of their choice - Crossroads, which provides support for young carers.

It is such a privilege to see what young people can achieve independently. So, no apologies for keeping on about it. I also have a feeling there more's to come!