Sharing Laughs...and Ideas

Last Thursday and Friday summed up the specialness of the Park House community.
Friday was of course Comic Relief.  And I have never seen it embraced with such enthusiasm by staff and students alike!  It really was a day when our school community came together and, in studentspeak, 'had a great laugh'! It's certainly the first time I've had to lead an assembly with an a Year 11 audience comprising superheroes, Lily Savage and a giant banana!  Somewhat disconcerting. Role models as ever, the Sixth Form also helped to set the tone in their pyjamas and onesies!  Special mention must go to Rosie in Year 7 who managed to raise an amazing £337 by wearing her uniform back to front!  Not to be outdone, the staff excelled themselves in flaunting just about every uniform rule, with Mrs Ruth Robinson possibly the leading culprit with her Punk-inspired interpretation of our guidelines.  With House Colours to the fore throughout the school, it was a great celebration of the renewed focus on the House System as a focal point for inter-school activity. The lunchtime photo of staff and students together following the charity Netball Match wonderfully captured the spirit of a great day in which the school community together raised £1,300 for such worthy causes.
On the evening before Red Nose Day, other elements of the school community also came together in a slightly different context for the first of our Parental Forum Meetings.  As mentioned in my 'One Team, One Mission' Blog on 4 March, this formed part of the school self-review process designed to elicit the views of all members of our community on what we need to do to be a truly great school.  I was very grateful to all for a really constructive discussion, with insights focusing particularly on communication and effective use of the VLE to ensure that parents are fully informed about learning.  These ideas are now being pulled together with those generated in the staff and Student Council sessions in the first draft of the 2013-14 School Improvement Plan.  We are also now establishing the Forum on a regular basis as a 'think tank' to generate and review our ideas for improvement.  The next meeting is scheduled for 23rd May.
So, two days. Two very different contexts.  Both however reflecting how effectively- and positively - the Park House community works together.