Past, Present and Future

Sixth Form Careers week is always one of my highlights of the year.
Firstly, Mrs Simpson kindly allows me a slot to talk to young people about my greatest professional passion!  Educational leadership and management which promotes brilliant Learning and personal development opportunities for students.  I subtitle my session 'making a difference differently.' I hope this year's group got the point.  Most teachers don't consciously enter the profession to get themselves promoted out of the classroom and into an office!  As an educational leader and manager your vision and values must therefore remain rooted in a passion for what makes effective learning - even if you aren't delivering for five hours a day in lessons.
Secondly, it is a moment when the school community - past and present - comes back together, and looks to the future.  Many of the guest speakers who come into to advise our current Year 12s on university choices and possible career pathways are our former students.  That really is very special and their recent and highly relevant insights both inspire and inform. 
Indeed, in this respect it's another great example of how, as a school, we look to 'inspire a Park House generation'.