One good deed...

It was such a good start to the week before last. So lovely that the current superstar of English rugby could still find the time to pop in to his old school, despite the obvious pressures on the modern sports professional. That's JJ for you.

Jonathan Joseph with Derek Peaple
Jonathan Joseph

What a shame that the week didn't end on a better note, then...

England Rugby

Still, English Rugby has seen (all) blacker days! I particularly recall the World Cup Semi-Final on 18 June, 1995...

First this happened..

Jonah Lomu hands off Tony Underwood

It was even later the theme of a TV commercial for Pizza Hut...

And then this...

It shouldn't happen! A forward, only designed to push and shove in a scrum.... Dropping a goal from 47metres from the touch line. Unheard of!

But then the perpetrator of that audacious act was an extraordinary athlete. Arguably one of the greatest rugby players of all time.

Like JJ, who may well also soon join him on that list, he's also coming to Park House.

Zinzan Brooke

On 21 April, All Black Legend and former Captain, Zinzan Brooke will spend the day coaching our own fabulous players, and those from our partner primaries.


Because one good deed deserves another...

'Zinny' as he's known to his Kiwi friends, is a huge champion of the locally based Children's Safety and Welfare Charity, OK Our Kids


It's a charity we've adopted at Park House.

Zinny's visit will be a thank you. A thank you alongside many others, including new furniture for the Sixth Form Common Room, for our students' commitment to supporting the charity's awareness raising book, providing advice on personal safety and welfare to primary aged children.

It's a great and hugely relevant cause.

Please support it. And please do take the opportunity to find out more. Its founder - he's also a Kiwi - Tony Churchill, would also love to hear from you with fundraising ideas. His details are on the  OK Our Kids website.

Because, as the saying goes...