Leading a School Sport Legacy

Regular readers of this Blog page my recall my 4 February musing on state of the 2012 educational legacy: A School Sport Legacy? Safe at Park House, but...?
Well, this weekend's announcement about £150 million ring-fenced investment in primary school PE over the next two years has provided some clarification of the issues and challenges that I raised about embedding the wider educational benefits arising from both participation and competition for every student whether 'sporty' or not. 
We will now start to work with our primary partners to explore the ways that we can work in partnership to ensure that the benefits of this investments are maximised and the momentum generated by 2012 not lost across the area - as was the fear prior to this weekend's announcement. There's still a real challenge ahead. - and much to be done - but rest assure that we will be doing all we can to lead the establishment of a lasting school sport and wider educational legacy in the area.