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Derek Peaple Running

In the 'olden days' of funded specialist schools - be it Technology, Performing Arts or Sports – you only achieved your status If you raised a minimum of £50,000, which the Department for Education then matched towards a capital project related to your specialism. At Park House, the project was our amazing Dance Studio...

Park House Dance Studio

It was that incentive which motivated me to try to relive my youth and 'lead from the back' in running a series of London Marathons, sharing the proceeds between the school and a number of fantastic causes such as...

Naomi House...
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Dreams Come True...

The Spencer Dayman Meningitis Trust...

Spencer Dayman Meningitis Trust

And the Youth Sport Trust...
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In the time it takes to run a marathon you certainly have an opportunity to reflect on facets of leadership.

I flagged Alistair Cook's leadership skills in a recent blog...


Alastair Cook

Over the last couple of days he has certainly 'led from the front'; his innings of 263 runs in the First Test against Pakistan accumulated over 836 minutes being the longest ever by an English batsman - batting for longer as an individual than the England Rugby and Football teams played cumulatively as teams in the last Football and Rugby World Cups!

Alastair Cook

Resilience is certainly an important feature of leadership, because it does always go right or as you would wish it to. As is relentless optimism. Despite staring down the barrel of defeat 24 hours earlier, Cook's leadership by example almost inspired an unlucky victory. I won't trouble you here with my views on the umpires ending the match early because of the laws on bad light! I'm going to say it. As a leader you sometimes also need to know when to reasonably challenge the rules rather than simply follow them. I remember being inspired relatively early on in my Headship career by a survey that said that the best schools are led by 'grey-haired revolutionaries'!


If you feel like a lengthier read about why this approach is so important in shaping 'personalised learning' for students, I recommend this from Charles Leadbetter...


I'm therefore really excited that later this week we will helping to support the leadership journeys of a group of over twenty female middle and senior leaders from five local primary and secondary as one of ten schools in the South selected to co-ordinate a new Leadership Equality and Diversity programme.

The year long programme, funded by the Department for Education, to identity and develop new leaders will very much focus on encouraging the participants to discover their own leadership style, and they will themselves will crucially play a key role in shaping the content and focus of the course so that their professional learning is relevant to projects that they can then shape in their own schools...

Gary Larson Collie Cartoon

As programme co-ordinator, I'm also looking forward to learning over half term how this greyish-haired revolutionary can help me to plan some of the leadership activities in store...

Alex Ferguson Leading